Aircraft Jack Repair & Maintenance

Trusted jack repair services for commercial and military aircrafts

Aviation Experts Servicing Aircraft Tripod Jacks, Axle Jacks, and Recovery Jacks

At WT Porter, we provide reliable aircraft jack repair and maintenance services for your aircraft equipment, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted. You can trust us to keep your equipment in optimal condition, no matter its age or complexity.

Methodology for Peak Aircraft Jack Functionality: Optimizing Performance

Our comprehensive service methodology begins with meticulous diagnostics to assess the condition of your jack equipment. We then proceed with thorough cleaning to remove any dirt or debris that may compromise its functionality.
Once cleaned, our technicians conduct a series of tests and inspections to ensure optimal performance, including:

  • Inspecting cylinders for contaminants or damage
  • Checking fluid levels and quality
  • Examining load-bearing parts such as pads, braces and pins
  • Visual inspection for component damage or wear
  • Assessing hand and pneumatic pumps for leaks or obstructions
  • Maintaining relief valve settings to manufacturer specifications
  • Replacing worn locknuts, seals, and rings
  • Repainting to prevent rust and corrosion to ensure structural integrity

Aircraft Jack Load Testing & Certification: Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Preventative maintenance is crucial for equipment longevity. Our load testing and certification service guarantees compliance with manufacturer recommendations. We provide proof load testing for aircraft tripod jacks (both single- and multi-stage) and axle jacks with a capacity of up to 200 tons. We conduct rigorous pressure tests under load conditions to certify that your jacks are operating within design specifications.

New Aircraft Jack Equipment: Offering Quality Solutions

In addition to repair services, WT Porter also offers new and used equipment, as well as short and long-term aircraft jack rentals. Simply provide us with your specifications, and we’ll source a jack to meet your needs and budget.

Brands We Service: Trusted Partnerships

We proudly service a wide range of industry-leading brands, including:

  • Tronair
  • Malabar
  • Columbus Jack Corp
  • Regent
  • Hydro
  • Jetmac
  • Solair
  • Mingay
  • Meyers

Partner with WT Porter for reliable aircraft jack repair and maintenance services that ensure safety, compliance, and uninterrupted operations. Contact us today to learn more.