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Discover our comprehensive range of aviation aircraft jacks rental and sale

With over 38 years of industry expertise in leasing, selling, and servicing GSE equipment, WT Porter is committed to delivering dependable new and pre-owned aircraft jacks to support aircraft ground operators.

Whether you’re in search of a short-term jack rental or a long-term solution, our inventory offers a diverse selection of hydraulic aircraft jacks, including tripod jacks, axle jacks, and recovery jacks. Simply provide us with your aircraft specifications, and we’ll match you with the perfect jack rental options for your needs.

In addition to our sales and rental services, WT Porter also offers a convenient solution for those looking to sell their used equipment. No matter if you have pre-owned aircraft jacks or other types of GSE equipment, reach out to us today to explore our trade-in options.

Aircraft jacks models available for rent and purchase

  • Tronair
  • Malabar
  • Columbus Jack Corp
  • Regent
  • Hydro
  • Jetmac
  • Solair
  • Mingay
  • Meyers

Aircraft jack load testing, maintenance & repair

For all of your aircraft jack needs, we rent, lease, and sell new and used ground support equipment — including aircraft jacks. And when your equipment needs to be maintained or repaired, we can help with that too. Our expert technicians can test and certify your jacks for use, keep them in working order longer, and repair them quickly so your business can get back to work. Contact us today to learn more about our ground support equipment services.

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